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Now that I have a few posts out there I want to go a little deeper into introducing myself, allowing you to learn a little more about me. Of course, you already know my name. It is plastered all over this site. 🙂 I am starting a virtual assistant business. A virtual assistant is the best fit for me because I would rather be on the back end propelling someone else than being the one out in front. I have been sales support as well as operations support for the past fifteen years so I am very good at the support role. I like to lead, just behind the scenes.

Why would I do that?

This post may bore some of you, but I am the type of person who genuinely enjoys learning about others on the web. Many of the people I follow have a blog persona but I don’t doubt that they are someone else when they are not showing up for the masses. If you are looking for someone who is 100% professional, then I’m not your person. If you are looking for someone who is the same person on and off screen as well as someone who will call bullshit on something or someone then we will get along swimmingly. I will try to dial it back to keep from getting overwhelmingly out of control but all in all, this is me. It will be my thoughts and opinions.

Enough with this stuff, though. Let’s go into my head for a bit and see why I am doing all of this.

Here are my reasons I want to work for myself

These are not in any particular order but they are what they are.

  • My son is homeschooled and I need to be there to make sure he is doing what he is supposed to be doing.
  • I am not good with strict rules. I respond much better to suggestions.
  • I have dogs that would love to be a stay at home mom’s dogs. (Great Pyrenees/German Shepherd mix, plus a Lab/Shepherd mix that gets worried when I leave)
  • I am trying to get my daughter convinced that she can rock a work at home. She has a creative type of personality so she is very good at creating just not so much putting it all together and marketing.
  • My son wants to be a Youtuber. He needs help and guidance.
  • I have home improvement things that I need to do but I don’t have time.
  • I’m sick of being on the road two hours a day driving to and from work.
  • I’m away from home 11 hours a day. That’s crap.
  • I would love to have a garden but I’m never home to take care of it.
  • The atmosphere in the office is getting excruciating to be around.
  • I have been threatened with an exit strategy twice now because I have questioned the rules. I want to be prepared for the third.
  • I think it will be awesome to encourage and build up as many people as I can to do this for themselves.
  • To free people from the bondage of working for someone else if that is not what they want to do.
  • Encourage people to find their happy even if they don’t want to work for themselves. You can be happy and still work for someone else as long as they don’t suck the life out of you.

I am a single mom who has two children. They are both older now so I can’t even pretend that I want to be a stay at home mom. I have managed to do pretty well for myself even though it has taken me clear into my forties to get my shit together. I have a BA degree in Psychology as well as an MA in Organizational Management. Both degrees were accomplished in my thirties with little kids and a full-time job. I still work a full-time job for now but I plan on moving to a home-based business over time when I get a few clients.

My reasons for breathing

My kids are the main reason behind everything that I do. I have worked outside of the house for all these years so that I would have a steady/stable income to raise them. Now that they are older they both need me in a different role so they can have their own lives and do what makes them happy.

I do need to be home with my son during the day because he is homeschooled and it would be better to be here and make sure he is doing the work that he should be doing. I would also be here if he didn’t understand something. We have found that he learns better by doing so being able to take him on regular field trips would be fabulous.

Both children intend on a career in the creative field. My daughter is a fabulous writer and artist and my son wants to be a Youtuber. Neither one of them really know the marketing side nor do they want to. Since I have to learn marketing for my own business I am learning it for them also. I want my children to succeed. They should not have to struggle in a world where everyone else is telling them what to do and not be satisfied with life.

The blog

The blog itself is about learning to create a business. Well, at least my journey into creating a business. I hope someone will see that I have put it all out there and it encourages them to start something for themselves. I have wanted to work from home forever but I really did not know where to start. I follow several work-from-home bloggers but they haven’t really shown me how to start.

A couple of them are instructors in the Work at Home School and I was lucky to be able to start it when it came out. I have actually managed to pull several of the classes together and create this business. Do I have more to learn? Yes, I do. One of the things I have been taught is to put what I am learning into action so that is what I am doing.

Besides needing to keep a closer eye on my son and what he is doing I am really sick of driving an hour to and from work. That’s right. I am away from home eleven hours a day. It’s crazy and it is really starting to wear me down. There just are not enough hours in the day for me to get everything done that I need to do. Right now my weekends are spent catching up on laundry, dishes, and other housework. Ugh!


People are where my interest lies. People fascinate me. That is why I am looking for a psychology blogger to work with. I would love to be able to learn a few things as well as propel your business while I am working my blog on this side of the line to give women especially, but men too, the courage and abilities to see the light at the end and know that they can make a life for themselves where they are happy. You don’t have to follow someone else’s insane expectations for you. You do you.

That’s it for now 🙂

That is about all I will bore you with today. Please feel free to drop a comment in the box below or contact me. I would love to talk to you. If you are a busy blogger and are having trouble getting to the things you need to do because of all of the other stuff that has to be done, check out my services page and see if I can help you. On the chance that I do not have what you need listed contact me and we can see if it is something I can do for you.


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