Review of The 10 Day Mind Reset Challenge

One of the classes in The Work at Home School is The 10 Day Mind Reset Challenge. If you have the feeling that you will not be able to work from home and be the ruler of your own life then this is the place you should start.

About the instructor

Rachael Todd is the instructor for this course. She was crowned The Miss United States in 2017 and is the first to tell you that she suffered from self-image issues. Who of us haven’t? She still wasn’t feeling herself even as she was crowned Miss Florida in 2009. What changed? Her mindset.

There is no doubt that the one thing holding us back from achieving what we were put on earth to do is our own minds. Let’s face it. Many times the thoughts we have about ourselves are meaner than any schoolyard bully.

She has had challenges in her life. Just because she is The Miss United States does not mean life has been all sunshine and roses. She is very forthcoming with information about her past self and how she pulled out of it.

What you learn in The 10 Day Mind Reset Challenge

You learn to take back over your mind. It gives you the knowledge to reprogram your thoughts. There are 10 days worth of skills for you to master and take your mind back. It gives you the ability to think in a way so you can see the possibilities right in front of you.

It also gives you ideas on how to make resetting your mind second nature. You will have the tools you need to take control when your mind tried to get all wonky again. The ability to regain control when your emotions start running rampant is a super bonus. Who hasn’t wished they could get control when it seems like everything is out if control?

How to get it

I have looked through Rachael’s website and I am not seeing this class. It looks like it is only available through the Work at Home School. There are several others to chose from. There is also a free class that she opens occasionally, “How to Create a Balanced & Fulfilling Life…” (even if you run a business). The website shows that it is opening in April. No matter what you choose it is well worth it.

I have made it through several days by using what I have learned in this class. The breathing techniques alone have saved a life or two. 🙂 This is one of the first classes I took because I knew I needed to get my mind right before I could ever have the courage to create a business and eventually take the leap to work from home.

My thoughts

This class is very good. It teaches techniques to help you get control of the thoughts that are actually holding you back. You will learn how to rethink your awesomeness and overcome your fears. I already knew fear was my biggest foe. I am learning more and more how to battle it and overcome. It will take me more classes and more reprogramming to get over all of my hurdles.

It will probably take more than one class to get over yours also. That’s okay. You have to keep going forward if you don’t you will be stuck in a regular, average, boring life. We are not here very long, you should not be happy with average.

Drop me a line and let me know what you think. Is it better to stay average or would it be worth it to break out of the crap that is holding you back?

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